• Me:   It's soooo hot out.
    • Mom:   Maybe you shouldn't wear black shirts all the time.
    • Me:   What the fuck did you just say
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    have u ever tried to look cool in front of ur friends and u image

    i have been laughing at this for 10 minutes straight. 

    both his pants and underwear came off how did he even manage

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  2. just updated my theme! i love it!

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    Fiyahxtracts Strawberry D 🍓
    Tastes amazing!

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    Hash Oil + Keif = Kurupts Moon Rock 

    "Strongest Bud In The Galaxy"

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  5. foodfinisher:

    Masturbation is a most deadly sin and children need to be protected from the temptation.

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  6. introverhted:

    good morning. I hope it thunderstorms severely today

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    My life story

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